Broadcasting Adam

Entrepreneur and Traveller

Someone Took My Pen

I keep a small notebook on my desk to write my own stand ups, random thoughts, and closing summaries. Unfortunately it seems an overzealous housemate has taken it. I may not see that pen again. However this events creates an opportunity to digitize my thoughts. I wanted to start writing again but on something that wasn’t career related. I wanted something more personal. I found it in bootstrapping my own business.

I’ve given myself approximately six months to bootstrap a consulting businesses that pays my bills. In best case scenario the consulting business pays all my expenses. In the second best scenario, it provides enough income to go part-time in the trading-time-for-money market. In the third best scenario, I’m not successful and opt for full time remote work. I want to avoid the third option because I want control of my own time. I’ve been a full time employee before. That set of...

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